Discmania Razor Claw 2 Vapor Tactic Eagle McMahon Signature Series Approach Disc 176 Grams Orange

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Approach Disc 4 / 2 / 0 / 4

The Razor Claw 2 is designed to offer less glide and a more prominent low-speed fade to suit Eagle McMahon’s performance needs and it’s stability can be trusted even in the fiercest winds! This Eagle McMahon Signature Series Vapor Tactic is more stable than the popular Tactic in Exo materials or the Razor Claw 2’s predecessor. The Tactic is a great choice for approaches and short drives from both backhand and sidearm in all conditions.

This disc comes in beautiful, bursty Vapor plastic that feels great in the hand. The Vapor Lux plastic is also extremely durable and will last long in your bag.