EV-7 Penrose OG Firm Putt & Approach Disc Golf Disc 172 Grams Pink Purple

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Overstable Putt & Approach 2 / 4 / 0 / 2

The EV-7 Penrose has reliable high-speed over stability and resistance to turn, but is uniquely straight with consistent fade at lower speeds on the putting green. With a slightly deeper profile, small bead, and smooth feel, the Penrose fits the hand comfortably, inspiring confidence for both putts and upshots.

Our premium baseline material, OG Blend is a tactile, grippy blend of TPE's, polymers, and impact resistors for superb grip and a confidence inspiring feel in the hand. It's uniquely durable for a baseline disc golf plastic, standing up to the abuse of basket, tree, and ground strikes. Though resilient, you can expect predictable wear over extended use, allowing for the fine tuning of your disc's flight characteristics.